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 NK Luxury Private Services

Taking it a step further than holiday car rentals, NK Luxury Services makes all your holiday transfers in Mykonos effortless, comfortable and above all, stylish!
Anywhere you wish to go on the island, grab your favourite people and get on a luxurious NK transfer and you’ll be there to enjoy it in no time!

The glamorous lifestyle of Mykonos is yours for the taking, and NK Luxury Services is always by your side to make your experience as convenient and unique as you expect, and more!
Your private transfer experience with NK Luxury Services begins the minute you arrive at the port or airport.

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you along the vehicle of your choice, to pick you and your company up and take you to your hotel hassle-free.
From there, it’s all up to you, and whatever you feel like exploring first!

Mykonos private transfers

We offer pre-planned tours.

You can opt for one of our pre-planned tours such as a beach tour to the grandest shores of Mykonos, a guided tour to the island’s major attractions
or a stimulating wine-tasting in the finest local wineries, or you can simply customize your experience by selecting your destinations based on your preferences.
If you’re looking for inspiration, your chauffeur knows the island to the last detail, so ask for fun suggestions to add to your itinerary!

Mykonos private transfers

Private Group transfers

In addition, NK Luxury Services specializes in group transfers, particularly in special event transfers. Countless happy couples have selected our luxurious vehicles for elegant bridal rides and wedding guest transfers, where you can reach and leave your venue worry-free and in absolute safety!

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