Booking Terms and Conditions

Below is a summary of the main terms and conditions that apply to your booking.

Tours and transfers operated in this site by NKLUXURY TOURS and Transfer Services here after referred to as ‘the Company’.


Published prices are based on costs at the time of publication and we reserve the right to change published prices on our site at any time before any booking is made. The price will not change once you have paid the required deposit – the COMPANY will honor the standing agreement between you at that time.


A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total service cost, must be made and confirmed by the Company before any binding contract exists. The remaining cost of the service must be paid 20 days before the start of the transfer/tour. If you do not pay your balance by the agreed time, the Company reserves the right to cancel your booking. Any booking made 20 or less days before the date of the service, FULL payment is mandatory.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel your booking, we will impose cancellation charges as follows:

  • More than 21 days prior to transfer/tour day – loss of deposit
  • 20 to 7 days prior to transfer/tour day 70% of the total cost
  • 6 or fewer days prior to transfer/tour day 100% of the total cost

All cancellations must be in writing and made only by the person who submitted the booking to the Company. Costs incurred by bank transfer to you for any refunds are your liability.

Once the tour/transfer has started, no refund for any unused portion or part of the service to be provided will be given without a valid cause. If you want to make any changes to the tour, or depart the tour earlier than estimated end time, such alteration or departure will be entirely at your own expense and liability. It will be to the tour operator’s discretion if monies are to be returned.

Cancellation by the Company

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us for any reason prior to your payment of the full price of the trip. In this case, we will refund in full any amount that you have already paid us. After you have paid in full, we have the legal right to cancel the contract if circumstances beyond our control make it unavoidable such as civil or political unrest, terrorism, natural disaster, or other force majeure circumstance. Alternate services may be offered to the same amount or a full refund returned and incurred expenses your liability. No compensation will be paid in any case.

Alteration of Itineraries and Compensation

Should the Company find it necessary to change the transfer/tour itinerary before your arrival you will be informed in due time. The Company reserves the right to alter the itinerary after arrival, without paying compensation, if it is in your interest to do so. Furthermore, the Company will not pay compensation if it is forced to cancel or in any way change the tour due to force majeure or external circumstances beyond the Company’s control.